Behind the scenes | Catalogue #15 photo shoot

19 Dec 2018

The arrival of brand new products in our assortment of course needs some beautiful imagery. At the end of January, the Tricorp Catalogue #15 will be issued with a completely new look, and filled to the brim with new photos. The pictures were shot in the last months during various photo shoots on diverse locations; a beautiful project, and we love to give you a glance behind the scenes.


A proper preparation is half the work. We use the new articles to determine the atmosphere the images have to breathe. This is a very important step in the process, because it sets the tone. We also look at which locations are the best suited and fit the decor for the atmosphere choses. After selecting the location, we choose the models and the right clothing is ordered.



We already have a large assortment of work clothing for men and unisex work clothing. Besides, we have more and more ladies work clothing in stock. These are alternatives for the existing men’s variant, but there will be a separate line available only to ladies. This required a separate shoot for ladies work clothing, which took place on an industrial location in Veghel.

The Workwear products required a rougher location. Model Martin went to work as a ‘real painter’ in our new painter trousers, and Sjoerd and Alexander worked at a construction site in the new workers which were combined with the new bi-colour upper clothing.



Professional work clothing of course required complementary work shoes. During the shoots, we completed the outfits with Elten work shoes. Because of this cooperation, we could seamlessly integrate the work shoes with our new work clothing during the shoots.

We are also participating to the construction conference together with Elten, which takes place of 4 to 8 February 2019. During this conference, we show images of the shoots combining our work clothing with the Elten work shoes.


The end result

After some extensive photo shoots, the end results are great! Are you curious of the new articles and the new catalogue? A bit more patience; the catalogue is available online and in hard copy at the end of January. The images of the shoot will be made available for dealers in our digital media library Cocoon.