Saved by Design

In a new, better world, we believe there is no room for waste. Saved by Design is circular work clothing with 9 lives (almost!), and was developed in collaboration with Dutch aWEARness. The work clothing within this concept has all the familiar features of the Tricorp range, but can be reused up to eight times. 

The 'Saved by Design' concept arose from a collaboration with Dutch aWEARness, the circular textile company. "We want our work clothing to respect the principles of the circular economy," explains Gertjan van Eck, Tricorp’s commercial director. “A major portion of Tricorp’s standard range is suitable for reuse. It means we can all work together to reduce the mountain of textile waste."


Saved by Design’s circular work clothing is accepted by Dutch aWEARness after use, after which it is processed, melted and re-processed into fabric. The process can be repeated up to eight times, which is a huge step in ​​reducing CO2 emissions and reducing the mountain of textile waste.

Dutch aWEARness inside

The work clothing produced according to the Saved by Design concept is made of cloth with 'infinity' properties. This makes it clear that the fabric is completely reusable, and that the entire production process is transparent. The 'DA inside' (Dutch aWEARness inside) label is proof that a piece of work clothing was made using Infinity fabric. 

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