Create2Fit wears Tricorp Premium

Tricorp supplies work clothing for every professional; both men and women in the most diverse fields, because our professionals are different, but the same. WiThese professionals are our heroes. Here, we share the adventures of proud wearers of Tricorp work clothing.

Jeroen van Doorneveld is sales manager at Create2Fit, a company of race car driver Tom Coronel and the umbrella organization of seven consumer electronics e-stores,, and The company also has a showroom in Naarden. As sales manager, Jeroen van Doorneveld is responsible for online and offline sales.



Jeroen van Doorneveld has worked at Create2Fit for six years. “It’s a great company," says Jeroen. "The team consists of 15 vendors, who make sure that our products are offered in the right way, and that customers get the very best assistance. When he’s not racing, Tom Coronel is also around to support us, which I’m very pleased about. He’s got the expertise essential for the success of our business."



Although the e-stores create a significant proportion of turnover for Create2Fit, the showroom in Naarden is also very busy. Customers can also collect orders at the showroom, so there’s a lot of contact with them. The importance of a representative image cannot, therefore, be underestimated. "We always used to wear shirts. Some vendors wanted to switch to polos, but I was never in favour because shirts are smarter. A vendor’s knowledge is, of course key, but appearance is also important,” explains Jeroen van Doorneveld. "I wouldn’t budge, until Tricorp introduced Tricorp Premium."


Tricorp Premium

Tricorp Premium is Tricorp’s newest label, and the range includes polos. Tricorp Premium combines the world of work clothing with the world of fashion. "The polos don’t look like typical work clothing. I think they are attractive, fresh, and representative. They’ve won me over! From now on, our sales people will be wearing Tricorp Premium polos."



Create2Fit’s sales team has its own polo shirts; these are finished with the logos of the various e- stores and the vendor’s name on the back. "That’s creates intimacy; the customer immediately knows who they are talking to. Everyone wants their name on such great company clothing, too.”I know from experience that I can carry on working in Tricorp clothing."


Tricorp Premium

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