If you want to give your company clothing your own signature, there are a whole range of options; customized fabrics or rubber labels, your own size label, double hem, a neck tape with your own color highlight, special buttons, a double tipping, or zipper puller with your logo.

High quality work clothing with your own signature

Tricorp’s in-house design department can make unique, stylish products. In terms of comfort and functionality, we offer trusted reliability, and our designs also take into account clothing requirements and standards.

Our Tricorp Specials label takes care of your customization requirements. We can develop a unique collection with your own design for you, that seamlessly matches your corporate image.


A selected number of Tricorp’s partners will be offering a unique clothing configurator later this year. You will be able to use this to create a special Tricorp product in a few easy steps. It will immediately show you all the options, and what your preferences will look like in the final design. Together with the consultant, who will guide you throughout the process, you can determine what the end result will be. If you want to get started with putting together your special garments, Tricorp will gladly help you select the right partner who can work on putting the finishing touches to your specific requirements.

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