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Tricorp is involved in sports, sported, because sport and Tricorp are the perfect team. Don’t forget, our work clothes are worn by active men and women who perform at the limit every day.

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Willem II

Willem II is one of the oldest soccer clubs in the Netherlands, and has been playing for more than 120 years. The Tricolores were promoted to the Dutch Premier League in 2014, since which time we have been the proud sponsor of this great club. Just like our customers, we’re big soccer fans, so we always invite business relations and customers to every home game to enjoy top-level soccer.

Tilburg Trappers

Tilburg Trappers

Tilburg Trappers is the Netherlands’ most successful ice hockey club. The first team has been successfully competing in the German Oberliga since 2015, and won the league championship in the first year. The B team will play in the BeNeLiga, the premier league for Dutch and Belgian ice hockey clubs. We are the main sponsor of the BeNeLiga team, and proud sub-sponsor of the Oberliga team.

Tilburg Trappers

FIA WTCC and Le Dakar

Le Dakar is the world’s most famous rally. We’re pleased to sponsor the Top Trucks team and EVM team. Vick Versteijnen from Brabant in the central Netherlands will be making his third start in this legendary race. Tom Coronel takes part in both Le Dakar and the FIA ​​WTCC. We’re proud to be the sponsor, and follow his performance closely, just like millions of fans and motorsport enthusiasts.



Wilvo Yamaha MXGP

The MXGP is a class in the motocross for engines with a maximum cylinder capacity of 250cc (two-stroke engine) or 450 cc (four-stroke engine). The class was first introduced as MX1 along with the MX2 and MX3 in 2003. It is the most prestigious class in the motocross, where the best drivers come in and receive the most media attention.



[Love of sports]

Tricorp is not only actively involved with these big names. We are the proud sponsor of various athletes, who want to get the best out of their (work) day. Read more about our sporting involvement in the news overview.


[Working together]

Tricorp is work together and working together. This also applies to our sponsorship.It is more than simply sticking our name on a shirt. We are sportingly involved. Proud of our professionals and our athletes. We work as a sponsor with various athletes and sporting teams, so that these professionals also get the most out of their working day.