Return logistics: #TeamTricorp and Cofa work together on a circular economy!

21 Jan 2019

This week is the week of the circular economy! In the textile industry, too, we can contribute a lot to sustainability: textile fibres place an increasing burden on the raw material reserves and have a great impact on the environment.

Tricorp has been busy making production and business processes more sustainable for quite a while. As a producer of work clothing we feel a responsibility to contribute to a circular economy. We want to anchor this circularity in our strategy and believe that recovery should become the main source of raw materials. In collaboration with Cofa we have been offering return logistics since recently, which means old work clothes can be reused. This way, we contribute to an economy in which the goods of today form the basis for the products of tomorrow.


What is a circular economy?

In a circular economy the reuse of products, components and raw materials is central. The aim is to give products and materials the longest possible lifespan, with minimum loss of value. A circular product is made of recyclable and non-toxic materials. During the design phase it is already thought out how the raw materials can be redeployed after use. Furthermore, products, components and raw materials must be identifiable, so they can be followed and recognised. This allows full insight into the life cycle of the circular product. The circular products of Tricorp will never make concessions on quality and comfort, and meet the same requirements as non-circular products. This way you get the same quality at the same price, but sustainable!


Return logistics

Tricorp has an innovative concept for recyclable work clothing: in collaboration with Cofa, #TeamTricorp has recently started offering return logistics. This means that we place collecting containers at our dealers’ locations to collect clothes. Subsequently, Cofa can give these clothes a new use, as a product or recovered raw material! For instance, old work clothes are made into designer bags, but creating completely new yarns and fabrics is also an option. Besides, with reduction and recovery programmes Tricorp monitors the emissions, energy and water consumption in several ways. This way, we burden the environment as little as possible. Finally, Tricorp also actively tries to create optimal working conditions within its production, for instance by participating in the Sustainable Clothing and Textile Convenant. 

In other words, by choosing Tricorp you opt for a circular solution as a customer! You contribute to the circular economy by reducing the use and increasing the sustainability of raw materials, and together we contribute to the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.  


Want to know more?

Are you interested in our return logistics? Contact Sergio Vijzelman! He will gladly tell you more about it.