Tricorp size chart: measuring sizes for work clothes

In this article we will explain how you can take your measurements for our work clothes. In the size chart you can read what your size is, using your measurements. To determine your size of work clothes you must take 4 measurements. For overclothes this concerns the following measurements:

  • Chest size
  • Waist (waist size)
  • Hip size (hip width)
  • Height

To determine your trouser size, you only need the following measurement:

  • Waist (waist size)


Suggestions for taking measurements for work clothes

How do you make sure that you take the measurements correctly? We always give four suggestions for taking measurements correctly:

  • Use a tape measure
  • Don’t pull the tape measure (too hard); this may cause the tape measure to stretch, leading to incorrect measurements
  • Don’t wear thick clothes when measuring
  • Let someone else take your measurements, so the measurements can be correctly read


Taking measurements for work clothes in steps

Step 1: Measuring chest size

The chest size is the widest point of the chest circumference. Measuring the chest size is different for men and women. Women must hold the tape measure at the height of their nipples for measuring the chest size, men must hold the tape measure just below their armpits for measuring the chest size.

Step 2: Measuring waist size

The waist size can be measured by wrapping the tape measure around the (natural) waist. Your waist is the narrowest part of your upper body.

Step 3: Measuring hip size

Hip size is the widest point of the hips. Measure the size by wrapping the tape measure around the widest point of the hips.

Step 4: Measuring height

To determine one’s height the height from tip to toe is measured. Measuring height is done simply by standing straight up against a wall and drawing a line above your head by holding a straight object against it. Next, you measure the distance from the line or object to the floor.


Tricorp size chart

Below, you find the various size charts that you can use in general for our products. For both ladies and gents there is a size chart for overclothes and one for jeans. In addition, for each product a size chart will be published shortly that applies specifically to this product.

Tricorp size chart for gentlemen

1 = Chest, 2 = Waist, 3 = Hips, 4 = Height

Tricorp size chart for ladies

1 = Chest, 2 = Waist, 3 = Hips, 4 = Height


Large sizes

At Tricorp you can also find work clothes in large sizes. Our sizes run to no less than 8XL. Note: as of 1 January 2019, our large seizes have changed. What used to be 5XL is now 4XL and what used to be 7XL is now 5XL. In addition, the large sizes 6XL, 7XL and 8XL have been added to our assortment. This way, everyone can order their work clothes in the right size. In the above size charts you can read which measurements match which sizes.


Basic fit vs. slim fit

Apart from measuring the size, choosing the fit is also important. Our work clothes with a slim fit fit tightly around the body and is therefore tighter. Do you prefer to wear your work clothes a little wider? Then choose the basic fit model! When choosing a fit, size does not play a role; the size is the same for both basic fit and slim fit.

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