Transfer to new sizing system

18 Dec 2018

After working on and adjusting our sizes and patterns for the past few years, we are finally ready: as of 1 January 2019, we will officially use our new sizing system.

How will this sizing system help you and your end users?

With our new patterns, we offer you the convenience of the same sizing for nearly every product: when a customer is a size M, then this will apply to a T-shirt, a polo, jacket, and other outerwear products. And because this is based on the Dutch standard, the size that people are used to with most brands will also probably be their Tricorp size.

The new system also is an improvement with respect to the difference between the sizes, providing the best fit to as many people as possible, in both look and wearing comfort.

What is going to change exactly?

For the most part, you will not notice any difference. We implemented some minimal changes for a better look and fit. A noticeable difference is the (name) change of the large outerwear sizes. As you can see below, the sizes which we used to call 5XL and 7XL are now, with the adjustments, turned into 4XL and 5XL.

This doesn't mean that our sizing only reaches to 'just' a 5XL. Actually, the 5XL according to the new sizing system is even slightly bigger than the current 7XL! Furthermore, we go for an even larger group of customers by offering 6XL up to 8XL by adding size series!

Tricorp Measuring System

Practical information: when in doubt, check the EAN code!

As we already said, you will hardly notice any differences in the most common sizes. For the special sizes, the main difference is the shift in the indication of our sizes: the 5XL you ordered will now be ordered as 4XL.

For this, the 4XL will also get the EAN code of its predecessor, the 5XL. This will also ensure that the EDI orders on EAN code and orders via the webshop will not be causing any problems. The same applies to warehouse processes whereby the EAN codes of our articles are scanned.

What can I do?

Naturally, we will provide you with all the items and information you may need. From the most up-to-date article data to enter this into your system, to extra reminders on our packing slips and webshop, up to, for example, stickers you can use to relabel the special sizes you still have in your showroom and/or stock.

And otherwise, you know where to find us!

We trust that we have given you all the information you need. Should you still have any further questions regarding our new sizing system, then you know that we are here to help you.