About Tricorp

Tricorp is a European workwear brand. We work together as one team every day to develop and deliver the best and most durable workwear for every professional. In over 30 years, we have built a dealer network of over 1,500 dealers and operate in 18 countries.

At Tricorp, we believe it is important that workwear is safe, high-quality and functional, but above all that it is comfortable to wear, fashionable and durable. To truly dress every professional, we offer a wide size range from XS to 8XL. By keeping our own stock of over 10,000 items and a 2-3 day delivery speed, we are extremely flexible and customeroriented. In addition to our stock items, we also specialise in tailormade products, allowing us to meet specific customer requirements.

Mission & Vision

Good can always be better

We understand like no other that a collective effort always achieves more than an individual one, because what is good can always be better, whether it concerns products, service or teamwork. Working together to focus on solutions and challenges, for each other but above all with each other; from supplier to colleague and from dealer to professional. Our never-ending search for perfection is not a choice. It’s a sport, a team sport, and it is addictive.



Providing all professionals a work outfit for an amazing performance. Workwear that represents the professional in identity, functionality and sustainability.

Our core values

Tricorp creates added value by developing and offering high quality workwear, circular articles and long-term relationships with partners. We create added value by using today’s raw materials for the raw materials of tomorrow. We take responsibility for the way our products are made: safe and fair.

Our guarantee is to be able to work pleasantly, safely and without any concessions. Working with each other and everyone. We therefore say no to racism and extremism and accept every individual, regardless of origin, religion, sexual or political preference. Transparency in our communication is important, so that we know what to expect from each other.

International cooperation is urgently needed, because together we can achieve more than alone. As a team we work on a brand, an ambition, and the best achievable result. This requires dynamism: we adapt to environmental changes, new wishes of our customers and other stakeholders.

Team Tricorp is here for you.


ISO 9001:2015
Working according to this quality standard ensures that Tricorp can consistently provide products that meet customer requirements while increasing customer satisfaction at the same time. This means that we monitor many different things, because knowledge is power. For example, we must continuously take into account the requirements of customers, production possibilities, transport and applicable laws and regulations. The entire quality management system therefore fits within Tricorp's strategic direction.

ISO 14001:2015
We continuously make our processes more sustainable, both internally and externally. We look at the impact on the environment of our work in the office, of the work of our partners and suppliers, but of course also the impact of the workwear we make. This means, among other things, the use of sustainable raw materials, environmentally friendly and efficient production processes, no waste of water and energy and return logistics for worn workwear.
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