Unique and uniform appearance

Countless possibilities

Own labeling

Expert Specials team

Printing & embroidery

Custom made werkjas

Everything is possible

With Tricorp Specials, Tricorp creates custom-made workwear from 250 pieces that perfectly suits the unique needs and style of your company. Whether you are looking for uniformity for your team, a unique look for an event, or simply want custom clothing for your company. Tricorp is ready for you.

Softshell van PET-flessen, custom made


With our Specials label you can count on:


Our Specials are made with unparalleled craftsmanship. Every detail is handled with care, from choosing fabrics to applying logos and designs. The result is workwear that is not only comfortable, but also an extension of your brand.

Craftsmanship and modern software mean that we can translate your wishes into perfectly fitting workwear. It often lies in the details: slightly different colored buttons on the polo shirts or the stitching in a contrasting color, perfectly matching the corporate identity.

Design together with our team

Design together with our team

Our Specials team is ready to work with you on the perfect outfit for your team. Whether it concerns company colors, logos or specific details, we ensure that your vision comes to life in the workplace.

Why Tricorp Specials?

Why Tricorp Specials?

Our workwear is made to last, even in the most demanding environments. Tricorp Specials is not just workwear; it's an investment in your brand. Contact us today and find out how we can create something special together for your team!

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