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Cordura is a collective name for different types of textiles. These types of textile have one important characteristic in common; they are capable of carrying heavy loads.


Cordura was developed in 1929 by DuPont and is now being produced by Invista. It was mainly used for military purposes. From the 70s it is possible to paint Cordura in a desired color, making this material interesting for the commercial market. Today, Cordura is used in clothing that requires heavy work. For example, Cordura is used in military clothing, backpacks, motorcycle clothing and, for example, work shoes and work clothing.  

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The basic fabric of Cordura is nylon 6.6 and is lightweight but still very robust. The most important feature for this substance is that it is resistant to abrasive loads. This means that it is resistant to abrasion by abrasion. Cordura is also cut and tear resistant. The PU coating makes the fabric waterproof, dirt-repellent and breathable at the same time.

All these characteristics together make Cordura very suitable for processing in the vulnerable parts of work clothing. For example, the fabric is used on the kneepads of work trousers or on the sleeves of the work jackets. In practice it appears that working clothes with Cordura last much longer than work clothes without this strong substance.

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Cordura Parka

Cordura Parka

€155,32 excl. VAT

5 variants | 402003

Cordura Swing Pockets

Cordura Swing Pockets

€19,46 excl. VAT

2 variants | 652005

Work Trousers Twill Cordura Stretch

Work Trousers Twill Cordura Stretch

€99,67 excl. VAT

5 variants | 502020

Work Jeans

Work Jeans

€55,90 excl. VAT


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