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All about Tricorp’s softshell work jackets


Softshell fabric combines the advantages of a water-repellent rain jacket and a warm fleece. Tricorp uses softshell for a variety of work jackets. So, what exactly is softshell? That is what we’d like to explain here.


Softshell is a material made of polyester. Some Tricorp work jackets also use spandex to increase the material’s elasticity. An intermediate layer of PU maximizes breathability, and stops sweat building up, even during hard work or exercise. As a result, softshell work jackets are supple and comfortable, but also water-repellent and windproof. The stretchable fabric allows wearers freedom of movement


Softshell was designed to be a better alternative to the combination of a warm fleece jacket under a waterproof rain jacket. The disadvantage of this common combination is that the rain jacket doesn’t breathe. As a result, excess heat builds up during heavy work or exercise, leading to the wearer sweating.

A softshell work jacket combines the warmth and comfort of fleece with water-repellent properties. Softshell has another advantage over a fleece-work jacket combination: the breathable intermediate layer allows excess heat to be removed. This makes softshell ideal for strenuous work outside. In the Netherlands, the weather is highly unprecitable, and a softshell work jacket is the ideal defense against it.

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Softshell Hooded Bomber RE2050

Softshell Hooded Bomber RE2050

€101,80 excl. VAT

2 variants | 402704

Luxury Softshell

Luxury Softshell

€93,17 excl. VAT

5 variants | 402006

Women's Bi-Color Softshell

Women's Bi-Color Softshell

€67,08 excl. VAT

5 variants | 402008

Softshell Bomber Premium

Softshell Bomber Premium

€85,08 excl. VAT

5 variants | 404009

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