High visibility workwear

EN ISO 20471: The european standard for high visibility work clothing

High-visibility protective clothing must comply with EN ISO 20471, the European standard for high-visibility clothing. This standard is divided into classes, depending on the degree of visibility/reflectivity.



High-visibility clothing is available in three different colors:

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red

Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch government authority which is part of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, sets additional color requirements.



According to EN ISO 201471, high-visibility work clothing is classified in three different classes, which each indicate the protection level of the reflective clothing for different situations.

High visibility workwear


Class 1 high-visibility clothing can be used in situations with a low risk of collisions and accidents. Class 1 high- visibility clothing is not suitable for work on public roads, but is suitable for work in full or partial daylight within a company’s premises. Maximum traffic speed 30 km/h.


Class 2 work clothing provides good visibility for roadworks, courier services and twilight work. Class 2 high- visibility clothing is suitable for work on public roads with a maximum traffic speed of 50 km/h.


Class 3 high-visibility clothing is mandatory when working in the dark. Visible at traffic speeds up to 90 km/h. This optimum visibility greatly reduces the risk of accidents.


High visibility workwear


Work clothing can also be provided with combined certification, where we look at a combination of garments and the total amount of reflective material present. Work clothing can sometimes be classified in a higher class in these circumstances. However, this classification only applies to the combination of garments, and not the individual items.



Companies often want their logo printed on work clothing. High-visibility work clothing must meet strict requirements, so putting a logo on reflective clothing is subject to rules. With our expertise, we can help you in this process, so that your company meets all the requirements without sacrificing appearance.



Clothing covered by this standard requires special maintenance. It must be cleaned (washed and dried) professionally, otherwise the quality of the clothing and reflective capacities may suffer.

High visibility workwear


Tricorp is work clothing for every professional. And that also means High Visibility workwear for every professional. Tricorp Safety is introduced as a new label. The aim of this label is to create a better distinction in the different types of workwear Tricorp has in its collection. The multinorm work clothing will also fall under this label. Multi Norm work clothing is clothing that meets the highest technical requirements and aims to offer optimal protection against risks from the work environment.

Safety through visibility

Shop workwear with the EN ISO 20471 norm

Midi Parka High Vis Bicolor

Midi Parka High Vis Bicolor

€127,64 excl. VAT

3 variants | 403023

RWS Birdseye Polo

RWS Birdseye Polo

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2 variants | 203006

Bib & Brace High Vis Bicolor

Bib & Brace High Vis Bicolor

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3 variants | 753005

Bi-Color Work Trousers, ISO 20471

Bi-Color Work Trousers, ISO 20471

€65,21 excl. VAT

3 variants | 503002

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