About Tricorp 

We are Tricorp, a single team of more than 50 employees. We work with others and work together to design and produce the best work clothing for every professional which is the very reason we are in business. Tricorp was founded in 1998 under the name Rom88. Its aim was to supply professionals with work clothing that would help them get the most out of each working day. 

Tricorp supplies work clothing for every professional; not just work clothing for men and women, but work clothing for professionals in the most diverse fields. We believe that professionals are entitled to demand more from their work clothing. It must fit perfectly. Professionals come in all shapes and sizes, but that is not a problem for us, since our efforts are focussed on developing collections of uniform work clothing that are available in various sizes and fits. Work clothing must be suitable for the work of the professional, so we offer a single collection of work clothing that suits each individual. 

Our professionals are the same, but different, and different, but the same. We are well aware of this; aware that professionals in a uniform team need work clothing that can meet their individual requirements. We are equally aware that all professionals need safe, reliable and high-quality work clothing, regardless of the area they work in.



We understand like no other that a collective effort always achieves more than an individual one, because what is good can always be better, whether it concerns products, service or teamwork.

“Working together to focus on solutions and challenges, for each other but above all with each other; from supplier to colleague, from dealer to wearer and from athlete to charity: Our never-ending search for perfection is not a choice. It is a sport, a team sport, and it is addictive."


For Tricorp, work clothing is much more than clothing you can get dirty while working. Tricorp’s range extends beyond work clothing, to clothes for professionals in all kinds of areas. The RFC in our logo stands for Representative, Functional, Clothing. This addition to our logo reflects our national and international ambitions, and the expansion of our collection with a Multi-Standard line, rain clothing, and women's clothing.

Our work clothing is robust, well-designed, safe, and comfortable. The clothing we supply also meets all relevant regulations and standards. Tricorp develops work clothing for men and women, including T-shirts, sweaters, polos, workers clothing, corporate clothing and high-visibility clothing. Tricorp sells garments under various labels (Casual, Premium, Workwear, Corporate and Safety), and is the most reliable market brand for all modern work clothing.


  • Tricorp is working together with manufacturers and suppliers, so we can offer our customers the very best products. 
  • Tricorp is working together with the Fair Wear Foundation, of which it is a member, to improve working conditions in the clothing industry. 
  • Tricorp is working together with more than 70 partners on a sustainability plan for the clothing and textile sector. 
  • Tricorp is working together with its dealers to create a special partnership, where the objective is maximising quality. 
  • Tricorp is working together with athletes and their teams to help them achieve their sporting goals; athletes also have to get the best out of every day. 
  • Tricorp is working together with its customers, who provide us with input and feedback.


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