Bicolour: renewed and refined

Years ago, Tricorp was one of the first workwear brands, introducing bicolour workwear to the market. As we want to remain a trendsetter in terms of workwear, we keep developing and modernising. As a result, our protective clothing experts, in cooperation with the best designers, have developed a new bicolour-line. Bicolour 2.0 as it were. Read what is new about this modern and stylish workwear.


New design

Over the years our typical bicolour-line has developed into a real classic among workwear. Since we are always working on innovating and developing, we have created new designs of the classic bicolour-line. The designs of the new bicolour workwear were realised last year. Different parties contributed to the creation of this design. Also, the opinion of our dealers was incorporated in the new design.

Washable up to 60 degrees

It is not just the design that is new about the bicolour. The clothing is washable up to 60 degrees, which is convenient in connection with a lot of the activities! Furthermore, the fit has been improved, as a result of which the clothing fits even better and proves flexible during work activities.


Bicolour: the best way to fit workwear in with your company

The new bicolour workwear has a more modern look. The original bicolour workwear was striking on the sides with its coloured patches. The new bicolour workwear has a coloured print on the top side, in which also the sleeves have been included. The colour separation at the front is somewhat more diagonal, while the colour separation at the back runs straight. This was done to allow space for possible prints on the back. The new bicolour workwear comes in different colour designs, so there is more to choose from. This makes the workwear look well on the new workers.

The colour composition at the back of the workwear is ideal for printing company logos. Tricorp offers customisation in this, also for the bicolour workwear. Customisation can be realised in different ways; for instance, the printing of logos, but also the adding of labels, application of neck-tape or different buttons. The Tricorp customisation ensures that not only you are wearing top-quality and top comfort workwear, but also that this can be worn using your own corporate identity.


View the new selection!

The new selection is online! Below, you can read more about the new products.

T-shirt Bicolour Seams

The bicolour T-shirts are available in no less than 12 different colour compositions. The primary colour of the T-shirts is blue, grey or black. A matching top end can be chosen, but also in a totally different colour, for instance, orange. The T-shirts are made of 50% polyester and 50% combed cotton. They are available in sizes XS to 8XL.

Polo shirt Bicolour Seams

The polo shirts bicolour Naden are also available in 12 different colour compositions. The collar of the polo shirts also come in the primary colour of the polo shirts. The polo shirts are washable up to 60 degrees. There is a wide range of sizes available, from XS to 8XL. The polo shirts do not have a chest pocket.

Polo sweater Bicolour Seams

A somewhat warmer option is the polo sweater. The polo sweater is available in the same colours and sizes as the shirts. The polo sweater is made of 70% combed cotton and 30% polyester.

Softshell Bicolour Seams

The softshell coats are also available in the new bicolour Naden colour compositions. The softshell coat is made of 100% polyester. Across the zip, there is a storm flap that ensures the coat to be waterproof. The coat can be washed at 40 degrees. The bottom of the coat can be adjusted in size by use of the cord on the inside.


Tricorp advice

Do you any questions or remarks with regard to the new bicolour selection? Then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to advise you about the workwear that would best fit your situation. Have a chat with one of our experts!

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