Summer workwear

Polo RE2050 // 202701InkM
Work Shorts Fitted Stretch RE2050 // 502703Ink50
Bicolor T-Shirt Contrasting Seams // 102006BlackYelloM
Work Shorts Twill // 502025Black50



For Tricorp, workwear is much more than clothing you can get dirty while working. Tricorp’s range extends beyond workwear; we dress professionals in all kinds of areas. Our workwear is robust, nicely designed, safe, and comfortable. Our clothing meets all relevant regulations and standards. Tricorp develops work clothing for men and women, including T-shirts, sweaters, polos, work pants, corporate clothing and high-visibility clothing. Tricorp sells garments under various labels (Casual, Premium, Workwear, Corporate and Safety), and is the most reliable market brand for all modern workwear.

With our sustainable workwear collections REWEAR and RE2050 we are accelerating sustainability. REWEAR is the transformation of our bestsellers in a circular and innovative material. RE2050 is a fashionable, high-quality and sporty collection with a fresh and innovative look: Tricorp's most sustainable clothing package!

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