This is Tricorp

Together. Always. No matter what.
Really? Do you think you can do it on your own?
No man, do it together!
Unite. And get shit done.
Join a team. Support a team.
And push your limits.
Together we create a master plan. 
Work hard. Play hard.
No. Matter. What.
Look like a team. Work like a team.

Tricorp launches new brandmovie!

Uniform workwear unites teams. Together, you have one modern look in which you can rise to the challenge. As a team you are the business card of your employer. Tricorp takes care of your team completely when it comes to durable and modern workwear.

Looking for a new outfit for your team? Check the products and let us know if Tricorp can help you with something!

Shop the products in this video

Midi Parka High Vis Bicolor

Midi Parka High Vis Bicolor

€127,64 excl. VAT

3 variants | 403023

Multi-Standard Softshell

Multi-Standard Softshell

€178,85 excl. VAT


Stretch Shirt

Stretch Shirt

€55,23 excl. VAT

3 variants | 705006

Softshell Bicolor Contrasting Seams

Softshell Bicolor Contrasting Seams

€82,89 excl. VAT

12 variants | 402021

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