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Tricorp supplies work clothing for every professional, and our different labels mean we can provide them all with perfectly fitting work clothing. Fitting not only in terms of delivering the right size, but also when it comes to work clothing that reflects the requirements and nature of the job. However, we do understand that custom-made products are sometimes needed. This gives every opportunity to explore creativity to make unique corporate clothing. That is why we introduced Tricorp Specials, to create garments which are unique, yet uniform and recognisable.  


If you want to give your company clothing your own signature, there are a whole range of options; customized fabrics or rubber labels, your own size label, double hem, a neck tape with your own color highlight, special buttons, a double tipping, or zipper puller with your logo.


Tricorp’s in-house design department can make unique, stylish products. In terms of comfort and functionality, we offer trusted reliability, and our designs also take into account clothing requirements and standards.

Our Tricorp Specials label takes care of your customization requirements. We can develop a unique collection with your own design for you, that seamlessly matches your corporate image.


Tricorp’s craftsmanship and know-how means that we can offer more than just attractive and fashionable designs. Functionality and comfort ensure that professionals get the best out of their working days. Work clothing must also meet specific requirements and standards, of course. No problem, since we can advise you both in terms of the design and choice of materials, as well as legal requirements and standards.

Fair Wear Foundation

Tricorp Specials are manufactured responsibly. That means you can rely on us for expert advice, and that our work clothing is produced with respect for our social role. Tricorp Specials are made in accordance with the Fair Wear Foundation’s code of conduct. 

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