UV Block and CoolDry are features of workwear that allow the garments to breath and also offer protection against the sun. Thanks to special technological materials, the workwear is more comfortable and ensures protection. Read more about the importance of these two materials in this article.



If you work a lot outdoors, it is important to wear sun protection work clothing. Unlike regular workwear, this clothing is UV-resistant. Sun protection workwear, like sunscreen, is available in several factors. The lowest factor (low protection) is 2, which allows 50% UV penetration and thus repels 50% of UV radiation. The highest factor (excellent protection) is 50+, which blocks more than 98% of UV radiation and thus only allows less than 2% of UV radiation to pass through. At a factor of 50+, the penetration of UV radiation is so low that it has no adverse effects on the skin.

Sun protection workwear thus contains SPF (sun protection factor), which protects the skin from adverse effects when exposed to the sun. Every time your unprotected skin is exposed to the sun, you increase the risk of sunburn. And a sunburnt skin can often increase the risk of skin cancer. Workers who spend a lot of time in the sun, such as gardeners, must really protect themselves properly against the sun. It is not enough to rub sunscreen onto your skin and then put on any piece of clothing. If the workwear is not sun resistant, UV radiation will still reach the skin. Remember that even on cloudy days UV radiation is still present, which has adverse effects on the health of your skin.



Workers who spend a lot of time in the sun will most probably also perspire more easily. A T-shirt that does not properly disperse moisture is extremely uncomfortable. Breathable workwear, on the other hand, enhances wearing comfort. The breathability of workwear is like a physical process. Warm air or water vapour (such as sweat) naturally moves towards air with lower temperatures. The temperature control offered by breathable workwear ensures breathability.



UV Block

The fibres from which the garment is made determine whether the garment offers breathabilty and whether it allows UV radiation to pass through. Fibres such as (bleached) cotton and viscose are extremely susceptible to UV radiation. Polyester is a fabric that has a low permeability and therefore works as a sunscreen. But it's not just fibres that provide UV protection. A special weaving technique and added artificial UV-absorbers make the clothing UV-resistant. After washing, the UV-resistance increases even more. As the 'holes' between the fibres become smaller, even less UV radiation can penetrate. The UV Block workwear from Tricorp is all 50+ SPF and therefore provides excellent protection.


To make the workwear breathable, a specially designed polyester fibre is used. In addition to UV protection, this fibre also provides extreme breathability. It is often used in sportswear to absorb sweat and disperse moisture. And precisely for these reasons, this fibre is also used for workwear. In addition, CoolDry workwear is hygienic, quick-drying and helps to keep the body temperature constant.



The combination of CoolDry and UV Block is perfect for people who often work outside and are therefore frequently exposed to the sun. At Tricorp we have workwear that contains both UV Block and CoolDry, or exclusively CoolDry. Here is a list of articles with the characteristics of the clothing.

UV Block and CoolDry

UV Block and CoolDry All UV Block and CoolDry clothing is made of 50% polyester yarns and 50% CoolDry yarns. The clothing offers sun protection with 50+ SPF and is optimally breathable.


The CoolDry clothing is made of a combination of polyester and CoolDry polyester or bamboo viscose. This workwear does not contain a UV filter, but is very breathable.

  • Fitted CoolDry T-shirt: This T-shirt is available in five different colours and in sizes XS to 8XL. The T-shirt can be washed at 60 degrees.
  • Fitted CoolDry Bamboo T-shirt: This T-shirt has the same features as the T-shirt above, only it is made from a combination of CoolDry polyester and bamboo viscose. This ensures that the T-shirt is extra comfortable, extra ventilating and antibacterial. Bamboo is known for the way it reduces unpleasant odours.
  • Fitted CoolDry Polo: This smart polo is suitable for any time of the year. It not only allows the body to breath, it also keeps it warm.
  • Fitted CoolDry Bamboo Polo: This polo shirt has the same characteristics as the polo above, but it is made partly of bamboo viscose.



For optimum protection and comfort under the most extreme conditions,Tricorp has the perfect solution. Take a look at our  range, read more info or contact  us. We will be happy to help you with a personal advice!

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