Work shorts are generally worn, logically enough, in the summer. But work shorts can also be great if you work in an environment that is frequently hot. The advantage of a pair of work shorts is that you enjoy greater freedom of movement and they feel light and cool. In this article you can read about the full range of Tricorp work shorts.



Whether you can wear shorts or not depends first and foremost on the demands made by your employer. Some companies have certain safety standards where work shorts are not permitted. It is also possible that a company has certain clothing standards and thinks work shorts are unsuitable. Always check with your employer on whether work shorts are permitted. But when people have to work in a hot environment, they often choose to wear work shorts.

Tip: after a hard day's work, change your short worker for a trendy and comfortable pair of shorts from Tricorp! For example, the stylish Premium Stretch Denim Shorts.



The greatest benefit of work shorts is that they are very comfortable and are light and cool. Thanks to all the pockets in the work shorts, there’s lots of room for storing things. Work shorts also give you greater freedom of movement. A drawback is that your legs and knees are less well protected and can thus be more easily injured. Another thing: your legs are not protected against the sun. Use plenty of sunscreen!



Tricorp offers several different shorts in its collection. Here are all our shorts:

Work Shorts Twill

Twill is a fabric that is extremely lightweight. It uses a special weaving technique: a weft thread runs over two or more warp threads and then passes under the warp thread. This results in the diagonal line. Twill is robust and creases less easily that some other fabrics. The Work Shorts Twill feels stretchy and can be washed at 60 degrees. You can get these trendy work shorts in five colours, including the brand new Army.

Canvas Work Shorts

The Canvas Work Shorts are low waisted and made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Several pockets and a hammer loop provide enough space to store tools. The work shorts are available in five different colours and in sizes 42 to 64.

Basic Work Shorts

These are simple and smart work pants and are actually the shorts version of the Basic Work Pants. The work pants have enough storage space. There is a mobile phone flap on the rear and a double back pocket that can be closed with Velcro. The work trousers are lightweight and therefore very comfortable to wear.

RWS Work Shorts

These high visibility safety shorts are available in fluorescent yellow and orange. Thanks to an elastic and adjustable waist, the shorts are extremely comfortable. In addition, the shorts have a ruler pocket and mobile phone flap on the thigh pocket. The RWS Work Shorts meet the EN ISO 20471 (Class 1) standard.

Chino Shorts

These Chino Shorts are a very smart pair of work shorts. They are available in navy, sand and black. The shorts can be washed at 40 degrees and are obtainable in sizes 29 to 44.

Premium Chino Shorts

The addition of Twill makes the Premium Chino Shorts extremely comfortable and lightweight. The shorts are available in two modern colours, bronze brown and ink. These shorts are often worn in working environments where a more representative style is required.

Premium Stretch Denim Shorts

The Premium Stretch Denim Shorts are comfortable because they stretch and move with the body. The denim shorts offer a combination of comfort and style, suitable for both work and leisure time.

Premium Jogging Shorts

comfortable pair of high quality shorts is the best way to describe the Premium Jogging Shorts. The shorts are available in three different colours and a wide range of sizes. The jogging shorts are made of 80% combed cotton and 20% polyester and thanks to the American fleece the shorts are also warm.



Are you preparing for the warm summer months but would value a personal advice about what is right for you? No problem. We’re pleased to help!

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