Wide choice of work trousers

From work jeans and canvas work trousers to our innovative Twill line with Cordura and 4-way stretch.

Bicolor in 12 color combinations

Tricorp's Bicolor and Bicolor Seams items are very suitable to match your corporate identity.

The perfect work jacket

For summer and winter, resistant to wind and rain.

Protection against UV rays

Work safely in the sun!

Movement-free thanks to 4-way stretch

Comfortable and modern work trousers.

Rewear: circular workwear

Made from recycled polyester and organic cotton.

Tricorp Bicolor Naden kleding

Bicolor your world!

A complete collection of tops in two Bicolor versions! A unique way to match corporate clothing with the corporate identity of your organization.


The original Bicolor stands out on the sides with a striking or basic color. This package is also fully available in a ladies fit!


Bicolor Seams is a sleek version of the Bicolor. The area above the chest is completely colored. The Bicolor separation on the back of the article has been kept horizontal in connection with any printing. The package consists of a T-shirt, polo shirt, sweater, polo sweater, sweatvest and a softshell.

Tricorp werkbroeken

Modern work trousers

The range of modern work trousers from Tricorp is becoming larger and more complete. From fine work jeans to a luxurious worker with Cordura knee patches and 4-way stretch. The right solution for every professional!


The Twill work trousers from Tricorp have a mechanical stretch, which makes these trousers very comfortable. The Twill is offered in different variations: the Twill with Cordura and Stretch (also for painters), the Twill with Cordura, the basic Twill for both men and women and a circular variant of the Twill!

Overalls van Tricorp


For the professional who likes to work in overalls, Tricorp offers a choice of various types of overalls. The Bib & Brace has adjustable shoulder straps and the full body Overall protects the entire body. The Twill Cordura overalls have a modern fit and are equipped with Cordura knee patches. In addition to the Workwear overalls, we also offer these items in a high-vis variant in the Tricorp Safety line. Here you will also find various Multinorm overalls.

Shop Workwear

and get to work!

Work Trousers Twill Cordura Stretch

Work Trousers Twill Cordura Stretch

€99,67 excl. VAT

5 variants | 502020

Fleece Jacket Interlock

Fleece Jacket Interlock

€42,52 excl. VAT

5 variants | 302010

Overall Twill Cordura

Overall Twill Cordura

€103,32 excl. VAT

5 variants | 752005

Tech Shell

Tech Shell

€115,48 excl. VAT

7 variants | 402018

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