Construction workwear

In the building industry, it’s very important that your clothing protects you. Work pants must be comfortable, but must also be able to withstand some abuse. A work shirt can keep out the cold, or do the very opposite and breath for ventilation. Building often involves outdoor work, so this must be taken into account. Read below about the best clothing to use in the building industry.

Work Pants
Your work pants must be both comfortable and functional, such as pants with pockets that can store tools. Work pants with lots of compartments are often used when working with a lot of small tools. Pockets allow you to keep your hands free. In addition, there are hi-visibility work pants that reduce the risk of accidents in the dark.

Shirts, vests and jackets
It’s very important that the torso is kept nice and warm, especially when working in colder temperatures. Shirts, sweaters, jackets and coats all help to maintain body heat. It’s important to wear lots of layers so you can regulate temperature yourself. If it’s very hot outside, breathable work clothing is very welcome. 

To further complement work clothing, various accessories are available. For example, knee cushions are great if you have to do a lot of work on your knees, and reflective headgear such as a cap or a warm hat are easy ways to increase your visibility. If you need more pockets, a swing pocket is an excellent solution. 

Different work-clothing standards

Work clothing which meets multiple standards is required in all kinds of building work. Tricorp has the answer to this in its multi-standard collection. The multi-standard collection meets the latest EN and ISO standards. If you work in a specific area and want to know which standards apply to you, see the standards and what you should look out for below.

EN 1149: electrostatic properties
Clothing according to this standard provides protection against electrostatic charges. This clothing has antistatic properties, and prevents the formation of sparks that could cause fire or an explosion.

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EN IEC 61482: electric arc protection
Protective clothing when working with high voltages. Exposure to an electric arc can create all kinds of dangerous situations.

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EN 13034-6: liquid chemicals
This clothing is liquid repellent, so it protects the wearer against chemical splashes and sprays and stops chemicals reaching the skin.

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ISO 11611: welding
Work clothing which meets this standard protects against sparks, splashes, short-term contact with a naked flame and UV-radiation in 2 classes.

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EN 471: high visibility 
Work clothing which meets this standard is highly visible thanks to its reflective properties. This offers safety in both dark and light working conditions. The standard following from this is the ISO 20471.

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EN 343: rain and bad weather
Work clothing which meets this standard protects against rain and keeps the body warm in adverse weather conditions.

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ISO 14116: limited flame spread
Work clothing which meets this standard protects contains flame-retardant material which only burns to a limited extent.

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Tricorp’s work clothing recommendation for the building industry

If you’re looking for work clothing for the building industry that does not necessarily have to meet different standards, Tricorp recommends the following outfit:

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