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Top materials in Tricorp clothing

Professionals set high standards for their workwear. Good quality of the raw material forms the basis of durable and comfortable workwear. Tricorp chooses the basic materials carefully and with a focus on a circular textile chain.

Tricorp workwear is designed in such a way that it allows safe working for as long as possible. The professionals likes to wear the clothes and feels comfortable in them: the workwear lasts a long time. That is the biggest gain in resource conservation. The raw materials and suppliers are carefully chosen. When choosing the material, no concessions are made on quality and comfort. Where possible, the most sustainable raw materials are selected.

If the clothing can no longer be worn, it is designed in such a way that the material and the model can be recycled.

Organic Cotton T-shirt

Organic cotton

Combed cotton is a strong and smooth yarn due to the long fiber and the special spinning process. For Tricorp workwear, this forms a solid basis for good fabric quality that lasts a long time.

For new developments, Tricorp chooses organic cotton! This type of cotton is a sustainable alternative to regular cotton. Compared to regular cotton, when growing organic cotton, rainwater is often used, more efficient irrigation methods are used and no pesticides are used. Organic cotton represents the future.

The organic cotton used in the T-shirt Fitted Rewear, for example, is produced with 59% less water, 24% less energy consumption and 16% less CO2 emissions than if regular cotton had been used.

Recycled polyester of PET-bottles

Gerecycled Polyester & CoolDry®

Synthetic yarns are strong, colorfast and very suitable for workwear. Polyester is a smart synthetic raw material. For new designs of fabric with polyester, Tricorp opts for recycled polyester. This type of polyester is often made from used plastic (PET) bottles. Tricorp obtains the raw material from another chain to reuse in the textile chain. An open loop solution.

Part of the polyester used in Tricorp clothing comes from cut waste in the clothing production and from worn clothing. In the future, Tricorp hopes to be able to use more polyester obtained from worn clothing. In this way, the raw materials in the textile chain can be preserved. Tricorp closely follows the developments in mechanical and chemical recycling of worn clothing.

CoolDry® polyester is a yarn with a special yarn cross-section in the shape of a cloverleaf. This creates channels, which has the advantage that body moisture is transported to the outside of the garment, so that the body remains dry and does not cool down. A fiber that is widely used in sportswear, but also offers added value in workwear. Tricorp applies this in high visibility clothing and various T-shirts and polo shirts.

Cordura material

Gerecycled Polyamide & Cordura®

Polyamide, also called nylon, is a strong synthetic fiber. Where the garment piece has to endure a lot, for example the knees of trousers, Tricorp opts for the strongest polyamide type: Cordura®. Cordura® is particularly durable. Garments with Cordura® have a longer lifespan and in that sense are also sustainable.

Mechanical stretch for work trousers

Elastane & Mechanical Stretch

Comfort and a good fit are one of the most important requirements that a professional has for its workwear. Elastane yarn stretches well under low tension and returns to its original length. A few % (Lycra®-) elastane in the fabric ensures a permanent, good wearing comfort. Tricorp often uses this in their workwear, but also, for example, in the Jeans Premium Stretch.

A cloth can also be made more elastic by a special weave construction: mechanical stretch. Tricorp often uses mechanical stretch as a solution in work trousers.

T-shirt with Polygiene technology

Polygiene® Finish Stay Fresh

Polygiene® is a permanent finish based on silver chloride that prevents unpleasant odors. This finish ensures that workwear smells fresh for a long time and that it can be washed less often. After all, washing clothes consumes the most energy and water in the entire life cycle of a garment, after fabric production. Polygiene® is incorporated in the T-shirt and polo shirt of the RE2050 collection.

Work jacket with PrimaLoft

PrimaLoft® Insulation

Primaloft® insulation keeps your body warm. In addition, it is soft and supple. The Primaloft® used in the RE2050 collection consists of 80% recycled material combined with advanced fiber technology for a high quality eco-friendly insulation that provides instant warmth without the bulk. The liner is extremely light and fits perfectly in the Winter Tech Shell RE2050.

YKK zipper in a sweatvest

YKK® Zipper

Many Tricorp products feature YKK® zippers. And rightly so: a YKK® zipper is the Rolls Royce of zippers and lasts longer! A zipper should not be the weakest link in a garment. By using a good quality zipper, the garment will last the longest.

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