Tricorp bicolor werkshirt

For both men and women

Work clothing for every professional means work clothing for men and women, which is why our range is not limited to unisex models.
Grote maten werkkleding Tricorp

For both large and small

Providing a range of sizes is the next step in making sure that there is perfectly fitting work clothing for every professional. That is why the Tricorp Casual line contains sizes ranging from XS to 8XL.

Tricorp casual werkkleding

Fit: standard fit and slim fit

At Tricorp, we go further than a wide range of different sizes and models; we also stock workwear in standard fit and slim fit.



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Bicolor Polo Contrasting Seams

Bicolor Polo Contrasting Seams

€26,91 excl. VAT

12 variants | 202006

Work Trousers Twill

Work Trousers Twill

€49,81 excl. VAT

7 variants | 502023

Women's Bi-Color Polo

Women's Bi-Color Polo

€22,78 excl. VAT

5 variants | 202003

Work Trousers Twill Women

Work Trousers Twill Women

€47,33 excl. VAT

7 variants | 502024

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