Driessen groep wears Tricorp work clothing and casuals

Tricorp supplies work clothing for every professional; both men and women in the most diverse fields, because our professionals are different, but the same. These professionals are our heroes. Here, we share the adventures of proud wearers of Tricorp work clothing. 

Marc Driessen is managing director of Driessen Groep, a family business in Horst in the Netherlands. He manages 90 proud wearers of Tricorp work clothing. Driessen Groep is a group of companies providing specific services in areas such as special transport, earthworks and demolition.



"Driessen Grondwerken works for companies and projects in the public sector," says Marc Driessen. “This involves supplying sand and machinery, as well as carrying out soil remediation and specialist demolition work. We also deploy our expert staff as consultants. Driessen Grondwerken projects tend to be in our local region, but we also take on work outside of it."



Driessen Speciaaltransport is the market leader in concrete wall transport. "We transport large concrete walls, among other things, which can only be transported upright on special trailers. Not every transport company has access to such trailers. In terms of concrete wall transport, we are the market leader in the Netherlands, and serve customers throughout Europe. There is a big demand for these services, so this sector is where most of our staff are employed."



Driessen Groep employs various professionals with all kinds of specialisms. No matter how different these professionals might be, they all share the need for respectable and representative corporate clothing with a uniform appearance. Driessen Groep found such work clothing through local Tricorp dealer Merten.



Driessen Groep’s work clothing includes polos and sweaters from Tricorp Casual, in combination with Tricorp Workwear softshell jackets. “We buy work clothing in red-black, since these colors match our corporate identity,” explains Marc Driessen. "It all helps identify Driessen Groep. The material is also colorfast. We have no complaints at all about quality; lots of employees also wear their softshell jacks in their free time. Employees are also very happy with their polos and sweaters, telling us that they feel good in their work clothing, which is comfortable in all kinds of circumstances. That’s something we’re proud of!



The heavy work places equally heavy demands on Driessen Groep’s work clothing. “That’s something we certainly notice this with shirts and polos, which are the first to show the effects of hard work. We take into account that we have to order new work clothing pretty regularly; twice a year. Given the heavy work we do, I think that's perfectly acceptable."


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