23 Jan 2019

Our logistics partner, Versteijnen Logistics, takes the logistics process to a new level. Thanks to a new innovation called Autostore, Tricorp’s logistics process is made even faster and more efficient.


Tricorp already collaborated with Versteijnen Logistics. The company makes sure that orders are made ready in the storehouse and are transported to customers. They already did this well and effectively. But like Tricorp, Versteijnen stands for improvement and acceleration of processes and arranging them more efficiently. For this reason, they will introduce the Autostore system from this week onward. This system is able to respond more flexibly to the fluctuating demands from customers. In addition, the system provides a better insight into the stock, so it can be managed even better.

The efficiency of the Autostore system has already proven itself in various locations. After an extensive test phase, the system is now ready to be used. And we have the honour of being the first customer. 



Autostore is a logistics cubic storage with robots picking up products and transporting them to the pick-up locations. 18 robots move across 20,000 compartments. The Autostore ensures quick and safe shipment and is four times more efficient in its use of space than regular logistics processes. Processing time from order to customer is one day.

We are ready to take another step towards the future with this fine system!