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What really drives Tricorp are the enthusiastic wearers of its clothing! Since January 2018, all BAS Group employees have been wearing Tricorp Premium, and they’re really happy with it! We spoke with Stef Mol, CFO of this logistics company in Breda, about Tricorp's new work clothing package. 


What does the BAS Group do?

Our mission is short and powerful: a complete logistics service for our business relations.
In this rapidly changing world, our aim is to develop into a high-quality, highly reliable and highly innovative partner for SMEs, handling logistics in the broadest sense. We want to handle all our relations’ issues when it comes to the supply chain, in which we continuously strive for sustainable solutions that benefit our customers, people and the environment.

Relationships are key to us, rather than customers, so reciprocity and a long-term relationship with companies that feel at home with us is a core concern. We primarily focus on larger SMEs, but don’t exclude anybody. What makes us different is that we concentrate on goods that require extra care, such as chemicals, consumer electronics, food and feed.


What was the situation with work clothing? Did employees already have work clothing?

Our employees have used work clothing for a long time. We believe it’s important for our people to look uniform and neat, and literally and figuratively identify with the BAS Group.


What is the reason for choosing Tricorp work clothing in the end?

What makes Bas Group special in the market is the high quality we deliver. We possess all the relevant quality certifications, have great accommodation and staff, and the cleanest trucks. That is essential, because as already mentioned, we deal with goods that need extra care. In addition, our employees represent our customers. Our corporate identity could be described as young, contemporary, sleek and innovative, characteristics Lorenzo Bas (CEO) and I try to convey as well as possible. We felt that these characteristics should also be more visible in our work clothing. We have good contacts with Gerwin Elsten from Klep Safety, also based in Etten-Leur. They have been supplying our company for quite some time, and perfectly understand our corporate identity and requirements. Gerwin presented us Tricorp’s package; not just the clothing, but the entire ordering and operating concept. The combination of proximity, convenience, appearance and quality was ultimately the deciding factor.

What does the work clothing package contain?

Our package is fairly comprehensive. Sweaters, jackets, V-neck T-shirts  and polos. The main colors are blue, gray and white, in accordance with our corporate style.


What do you want to achieve with new work clothing?

As mentioned earlier, we require an appearance which reflects our company. We succeeded in terms of look, colors and cut, but our goal is to go further. We also want to show that we believe in diversity: no matter how different our current and future employees might be in terms of origin, creed, culture, age and gender, everyone is welcome. In fact, it is precisely this great diversity that makes us just a bit more innovative, better and more fun for our employees, suppliers and customers than our competitors.

A fantastic photo session with our own 'models' in the new Tricorp clothing showed the diversity in our workforce. Everyone is different, but all wear the same clothes and work together on the same mission.


What are the main activities of employees who wear Tricorp work clothing?

All logistic activities: transport, both national and international, as well as storage and transshipment. Incidentally, not only do drivers and warehouse staff wear the work clothing, our office staff also regularly appear in a trendy BAS sweater from Tricorp.


How was the cooperation with Klep Safety and Tricorp?

The cooperation has really made a difference, right from the outset. It all started close attention being paid to our wishes. Gerwin first listened carefully to what we wanted, then he and Tricorp created a digital mood board and explanation of the ordering process, which is entirely left to the employees themselves. In the next phase, they delivered a number of really cool samples, which I think was the decisive factor, looking back. Klep Safety being close at hand is another bonus. When you’ve got something good nearby, you don’t need to look any further! Although Klep is our first point of contact, we also have contacts with the necessary people at Tricorp. That works really well, and creates a feeling of familiarity and personal closeness.


What do the employees think about the new Tricorp workwear?

They are proud of their new clothing and say that it 'works well'. The pleasure was also clear to see in the photo session! And that’s what it’s all about, at the end of the day...



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