Proud wearers of Multinorm Work Clothing at Royal Smit Transformers

Tricorp supplies work clothing for every professional; both men and women in the most diverse fields, because our professionals are the same, but different. These professionals are our heroes. Here, we share the adventures of proud wearers of Tricorp work clothing.

Royal SMIT Transformers BV. has approximately sixhundred employees out of which three hundred proudly wear work clothing from Tricorp that was supplied through CreaWear. All of the personnel that carries out work outside of the company and those who test the transformers wear the multinorm work clothing. High quality standards require a clean and safe workplace – that includes the work clothing.

About Royal SMIT

Royal SMIT has been the market leader for the development, production, sale and maintenance of transformers for more than 100 years. The transformers are developed and produced for clients from all over the world and each client has different requirements. Therefore every transformer from Royal SMIT is custom work and no transformer will be the same in size, color and form. The entire process from outline to production takes place in the factory in Nijmegen. 

The multinorm package at work

The employees from Royal SMIT come to clients all over the world to do their job. With increasingly stricter requirements to work safety the expectations towards work clothing grow as well. The construction, dismantling and maintenance of transformers means needing to work during all sorts of weather and in heights. Work clothing that are comfortable and well fitting are therefore not mere luxury but absoluetly essential for Royal SMIT employees. Hence, CreaWear supplied us with multinorm work wear from Tricorp. The employees wear clothing from the entire multinorm workwear product range: pants, poloshirts, sweaters, and jackets. The intention behind this decision being a uniform appearance, providing work safety and getting through the day comfortably.

Maus Elmans the warehouse manager at Royal SMIT says:” We have been working with Creawear for more than twelve years. When they recommended choosing Tricorp work clothing we did - and regret nothing. The company helps us in our consideration, the cost-benefit ratio is compelling and they delivery in a timely manner. The collaboration works because CreaWear and Tricorp have the mandatory know how. We at Royal SMIT are very satisfied with the clothing as it provides us with a professional look.

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