The simple printed shirt no longer makes the grade in the world of modern work clothing. It is just not good enough to offer a limited range of colors. This trend is not only the result of changing fashions; the use of color also plays an increasingly central role in corporate style designs, and colors evoke all kinds of associations. In short, there are now opportunities to make sure that work clothing reflects corporate identity and the required look.


Nevertheless, fashion has also influenced work clothing trends. The wide range of fits available in the fashion world are becoming more and more common in work clothing, and ranges of clothes are becoming more extensive. In addition to traditional T-shirts, polos and sweaters, we’re also seeing more and more fashionable items, such as chinos and accessories.



The range of colors available has increased significantly in recent years. This is not just due to influences from the world of fashion, companies increasingly want their work clothing to seamlessly reflect their corporate identity. The most striking thing is that ‘dull' traditional colors are increasingly making way for striking colors such as fuchsia, chrystal and lime.



The traditional cotton used in T-shirts and polos is increasingly making way for more innovative materials. Bamboo has anti-bacterial properties, which prevent unpleasant odors and makes it perfect for heavy work. Combining traditional cotton with bamboo makes it more comfortable to wear. Stretch is also becoming more and more popular in the world of work clothing, where better fits are possible, especially for women.



The business community is increasingly concerned with corporate social responsibility, and when it comes to selecting work clothing and corporate clothing this plays a major role. Fortunately, more and more producers are acting responsibility in this area. Circular work clothing is one of the trends that perfectly reflects the objective of more sustainability. Saved by Design is work clothing with 9 lives (almost!), and was developed in collaboration with Dutch aWEARness.


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