It is a widely held but mistaken belief that thick work or leisure clothing is the best option in cold conditions. Nothing could be further from the truth! The multi-layer system is the best choice: the different layers each have their own unique function.



Perspiration causes the body to cool down. Working hard means sweating. Even in cold conditions. The perspiration on the skin cools the body. The moisture must therefore be quickly drained to stay warm in cold conditions. That is why thermo undergarments form the basis for the multilayer system. Thermo undergarments have a strong breathability and ensure that perspiration moisture is quickly removed. Bamboo is often used in thermo clothing; this is because of the anti-bacterial effect of this material. It prevents unpleasant odors.



The insulating intermediate layer is not only intended for the creation of more heat: this intermediate layer also ensures that the perspiration moisture can be properly drained. It is important to opt for optimal freedom of movement: that only benefits the comfort. The thickness of the insulating intermediate layer depends on a number of different factors: the temperature and the weather conditions. It may be sufficient to wear only thermal undergarments and an insulating intermediate layer, for example if it is not so cold and when rain and wind play no role. Work clothing that is suitable as an insulating intermediate layer is for example a t-shirt, sweater or a combination.



Rain, snow and wind immediately make the temperature feel a lot colder. That is why the last layer of the multilayer system consists of work clothing that offers protection against the weather. Jackets, parkas and jackets are suitable for this outer layer. It is important to choose (work) clothing that not only protects against rain and wind, but also has sufficient breathability. The breathability ensures a good drainage of perspiration. For example, soft shell jackets are ideal for moderately cold temperatures, light rain and snowfall. Parkas and midi parkas are suitable for heavier weather and colder temperatures. Parkas, equipped with a removable thermo lining, can be adapted to changing weather conditions.

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